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Abruzzo International Airport!

The Victoria Hotel in Pescara can take excellent advantage of connections with Abruzzo International Airport and as such can be utilised by guests originating from the most important Italian towns as well as from abroad.

The airport in Pescara, known by the name of Abruzzo International Airport is a small and modern airport of Pescara structure situated in the area of San Giovanni Teatino, about 4 km kilometres from the centre of Pescara. In recent years it has developed strategically, primarily with connections to central Italy and the Adriatic. The airport of Pescara exists as one of the most active provincial airports of the Italian territory, thanks to the presence of the private airline companies of ITAVIA and Alitalia. Today the services flights from Pescara are mainly concentrated upon business brought by low cost airlines like Ryanair amongst many other companies, including Italian ones. It serves a target market of visitors to Abruzzo and the nearby regions as well as providing an important link to other destinations.

Connections to Italian towns

  • Pescara Venezia - Venezia Pescara
  • Pescara Milano - Milano Pescara
  • Pescara Torino - Torino Pescara
  • Pescara Roma - Roma Pescara
  • Pescara Olbia - Olbia Pescara
  • ...

Main European destinations

  • Pescara Mosca - Mosca Pescara
  • Pescara Londra - Londra Pescara
  • Pescara Parigi - Parigi Pescara
  • Pescara Bruxelles - Bruxelles Pescara
  • Pescara Barcellona - Barcellona Pescara
  • ...

and international, in particular: New York and Toronto.