Pescara industry and business - Pescara industrial area

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The industrial and business life!

Its vicinity to the business structures of the town allows the Victoria Hotel to stand out with regards to commerce, night time entertainment and above all industry.

Immense clamour has been created in the life of the town thanks to the commercial tendency of the industrial area of Pescara same. In the past years this sector has developed significantly, both with shopping centres and wholesale distribution scattered around the entire Abruzzi territory, as well as the numerous characteristic hotels in Pescara and the province. Another growing business sector is certainly the night-time entertainment, thanks also to urban re-development in various parts of the city. In particular we can mention corso Manthonè in Pescara Corso Manthonè, a street of the old town, a well-known area for walks, enhanced by numerous places of entertainment for youngsters. Furthermore, the surrounding industries are consolidating their position in the market. Some examples are the following groups; De Cecco (famous for the De Cecco pasta), la Sixty (well-known clothing company) and the Gruppo Angelini. The strategic position of the city and its industrial valley has brought "competition" in the area between two of the biggest multinational companies: the already mentioned Procter & Gamble and its direct competitor Kimberly-Clark which has its manufacturing plant in the same province, in Alanno.