Pescara central railway station - buses for Pescara

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Pescara Railway station!

The Victoria Hotel results in being one of the best hotel structures for tourists and business men alike, in that it lies only a few minutes walk from Central Railway Station, providing trouble-free commuting for holidaymakers.

Pescara Central Station is an important railway link along the Adriatic line. The station is used by an Pescara State Railway average of 3.5 million people a year and lies in the central area of the town. In the vicinity you can also find the bus station and the terminus of various urban transport lines, with which you can also reach Airport. There are another three city stations in the area: Porta Nuova, where they stop all local trains and one for Rome, San Marco, rebuilt in 2006 and is used for local transport and Tribunale which is located in a particularly relevant as near the courthouse and the University G.D'Annunzio in conjunction with the city of Chieti and Teramo. The station has eight continuous platforms and two Pescara State Railway end-of-line platforms, from where trains for Montesilvano, Teramo depart, the only rail connection with Campobasso.